From Rehr Consulting to Danny Rehr, Job Seeker

I would like to be part of a team that both promotes and has a hand in orienting the business strategy through internal communication and collaboration (alignment). This would make use of my ability to observe and identify risks, discover cross-functional business problems, and develop opportunities for continuous improvement.

The Scale-Up of You: 10 Ways To Link Opportunities & Resources

The scale-up of you is the ability to recognize your current resources and opportunities, and then pair them with potentially new resources and opportunities through creativity, new possibilities and strategic fit. Your end result would be growth, improvement, newness, support of others, and so on.

Sponsor News: Ryan Krusac Studios Wins Best Fine Art Pen

Ryan Krusac Studios has been named the winner of PEN WORLD Magazine’s Best Fine Art Pen of 2019. The below, embedded Instagram graphic offers 2 pictures.Click to the right to view the pen. Ryan’s award-winning pen will be featured in the 2020 PEN WORLD calendar. Get yours today by clicking the link below: Also… LearnContinue reading “Sponsor News: Ryan Krusac Studios Wins Best Fine Art Pen”

Innovation: Accounting As A Process & Product

Last week I wrote about my meetings with accounting firms. Their refreshing ambitions as individuals and as agencies belie the stereotypical “number cruncher” persona of an accountant. My discovery was this: Human interest in the good fortunes of others. In this Part II, if you will, I am going to look at accounting firms asContinue reading “Innovation: Accounting As A Process & Product”