Guest Hosting 6/10 Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare)

Come join me today at 9a-10a at Tandem Hall off 808 Main Street in downtown Vancouver as I will be guest hosting the former Art Director at The Art Institute (PDX), Bill Siebold. Tickets are free (or just c’mon by!). Grab a coffee from Boomerang Bistro on your way in.

From the event page:

For more than 10 years as Director of Web Design & Interactive Media and Program Coordinator of Visual & Game Programming Bill worked with young and emerging designers, helping prepare them for careers in the technical and creative arts.

During this time Bill provided instruction and guidance for hundreds of students as they conceived, created and implemented their professional online portfolios. Drawing from this experience, Bill will present a range of topics:

  • Do you need an online technical portfolio?
  • Technical or creative portfolios – is there a difference?
  • How an online technical portfolio can fit into your professional branding materials.
  • Practical lessons on how to get started with your online portfolios
  • The components of a great online technical portfolio: things to do.
  • Caveats and cautions: things to avoid.
  • Deploying your online persona to get attention.

Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) is a community group co-founded by Max Crismon and Jacob Miller to help educate job seekers to get hired.

Tandem Hall is part of CoLab Coworking.

Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare), including this event, is sponsored by…

Ryan Krusac Studios

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