Networking Workshop

Thanks to Scott Culbertson of nConnect (Facebook Page: nConnect) for sharing the photograph at the bottom of this post.

On Tuesday, June 4, I took part in a networking workshop for high school students. It was an opportunity for them to

  1. Learn what is networking.
  2. Learn about career paths.
  3. Practice interacting with adults in a professional setting.

My personal intent was to support a philosophy. There is valid need for exchanging value; however, relationships are so important. So I shared experience and knowledge I have learned about informational interviewing.

My 4 rotations of pairs/trios of students were impressive individuals. Interesting to an individual, these young people are thinking about their careers and using their potential to make their ambitions come to fruition.

While representing myself and Rehr Consulting, I am also on the leadership team of Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare). We focus on supporting education, offering resources, and enabling associations in the community.

For those who aren’t a part of my @liveinterviewsoftheambitious Facebook Page, here is the photo!


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