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**Seeking Immediate Work in Rockville, MD area**

Supporting the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential.

(Not in chronological order.)


Supporting Others in 2021

For those who exhibit personal ambition and interests in the following topics, I use–and personally recommend!–Notion ( to both establish and share individually-tailored content.

  • Supporting others with their own continuing education.
  • A curiosity to better understand what matters in their day-to-day work.
  • Their career’s progression.


Constantly providing updates keeps interest fresh, new knowledge flowing, and opens up dialogue for asking and answering questions.

Urging continued learning, i.e. not accepting the status quo, is essential to making progress, leading others and managing inevitable change.

Explaining a new methodology at work in terms of data analysis, business strategy, and operational outcomes.

I built this for a young, ambitious coworker. She has great potential. Unfortunately, she feels stuck. Learning about herself will be key to making bold decisions to further her career.

Developing Programming & Tools for Amazon

Employee Engagement

Community Engagement


Grad school

I relocated from Baltimore, MD to Vancouver, WA back in 2016 to pursue my MBA (Strategy) at the University of Portland.

2016, Graduate School

I chose University of Portland’s Pamplin School of Business because of its Strategy concentration and values:

  1. Broad Core of Business Knowledge.
  2. Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills.
  3. Research Skills.
  4. Interpersonal Skills.
  5. Value System.

After graduating, I got involved in the community, worked with some terrific businesses and especially-talented people, and volunteered my time.

My Talks

Workplace Communication
Through Risk Management

The Scale-Up of You

How & Why To Conduct
Informational Interviews


Coffee Talk Series

I established Coffee Talk as an industry night concept for facilitated discussion. The topics would be strategy, the market and collaboration. These free, private events for Vancouver, WA-area coffee café owners gradually took on the ‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ banner (below).

In 2019, I have organized and facilitated discussions for four events featuring some seriously-talented speakers and collaborators (special Thank You to Shruti Chatterjee) with resources packaged and archived for everyone’s use.

The coffee community can do more together than any one coffee business can do alone.

Coffee Talk – Strategy Resources

Live Interviews of the Ambitious

‘Learn & Be Inspired

In a live interview or panel setting we’ll meet the amazing business and technology minds, thought leaders and pathfinders of the Vancouver-metropolitan area and beyond.

Some Event Photos


Interviews of the Ambitious

I informationally interviewed local businesspersons–who I called The Ambitious Among Us–to learn about the person behind the job. This led me to understand and write research-backed articles about their personal ambitions and personal strategies.

Personality. Character. Motivations. Aspiration.

My Interviewees
The Ambitious Among Us!


In support of my articles, some of the world’s great minds, talents and thought leaders gave me permission to upload their content:

  • A Fields Medal winner.
  • A World Barista Champion.
  • A researcher from the Stockholm Resilience Center.
  • The most popular fountain pen reviewer on YouTube.
  • Two world-renown guitarists.
  • An award-winning career expert and podcaster.

My Own Research Results

Observation helped develop a model for explaining personal ambition.

Experience taught me the best question to learn about someone else’s ambition.

Accounting Industry Analysis

My writing and research efforts in 2019 have been focused on personal ambition and the strategies of others. I have witnessed a remarkable trend in the local accounting industry that comes down to one truer ambition than serving others, good relationships, or getting the most money back on a tax filing, etc. 

Human interest in the good fortunes of others.  

The expression is real. Pride even comes into play. Accounting firms want to see their small business clients

  • Grow their business acumen.
  • Become more resilient to industry threats and competitive deficiencies.
  • [Re]Discover alignment with their personal ambition.

Accounting Concerns

Innovation: Accounting As A Process & Product

Coupling Strategy for Accounting Firms

The Accounting Brand Gives Permission to Pursue Personal Ambition

Stories Differentiate Accounting Firms

Convention ≠ Strategy: Impact To Talent Acquisition in the Accounting Industry

The Scale-Up of You

The scale-up of you is the ability to recognize your current resources and opportunities, and then pair them with potentially new resources and opportunities through creativity, new possibilities and strategic fit. Your end result would be growth, improvement, newness, support of others, and so on.


The 40 informational interviews I conducted with area strategy, organization development and consulting practitioners taught me a great deal about the professional I had become after graduate school. Applying what I learned set me up for supporting others’ careers, businesses and well-being.



Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare)
Vancouver, WA

Strategy development, sponsorship, branding and outreach.

Drafting Documents

2 proposals for partnerships.
Data and empirical analysis (triggers, trends and insights)

Vancouver Public Schools

via nConnect

Career & Technical Education: Business & Marketing
Industry Professional

Invited to participate as an industry professional in curriculum development with the Career & Technical Education Advisory Board, Vancouver School District.

Global ADE

Handwritten Envelopes

Supported by Ryan Krusac Studios – I used a fountain pen that he made for more than 300 envelopes.

Global ADE is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening education in developing countries. We fund grassroots educational improvements spearheaded by individuals and organizations that live in the communities in which they work.”

“About Us”. Global ADE, 2019, Accessed 24 Aug 2019.

Meet the Meetups

A Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) community event.


In 2018 this event featured 18 groups with ~200 attendees.  It was a gathering in one place at one time of SW Washington-area groups and others.  Meetup groups sent representatives so that event goers could engage and learn more about what’s available to them – and join.  It was FREE FOR EVERYONE – groups, their representatives, and attendees.

Mock Interviews

Guest Professional

Among other programming, nConnect “provides a variety of career awareness activities to elementary, middle and high school students. Program activities include individual experiences like informational interviews as well as group activities at schools such as “speed networking”, guest speaking, and mock interviewing.”

“nConnect | Students | Schools | Business”. nConnect, 2019, Accessed 24 Aug 2019.

Startup Weekend
Vancouver 2017

Co-Organizer, Budget Lead
in support of North Bank Innovations

Techstars Startup Weekends are 54-hour events designed to provide superior experiential education for technical and non-technical entrepreneurs. Beginning with Friday night pitches and continuing through brainstorming, business plan development, and basic prototype creation, Techstars Startup Weekends culminate in Sunday night demos and presentations. Participants create working startups during the event and are able to collaborate with like-minded individuals outside of their daily networks.”

Barcos, Dave. “Startup Weekend Vancouver, WA 04/18”. Eventbrite, 2018, Accessed 24 Aug 2019.

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