From Rehr Consulting to Danny Rehr, Job Seeker

Great Teammate.

My professional purpose is to support the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential.

Transitioning Back to An Employee

Rehr Consulting as a business is on hiatus indefinitely. I am now an ambitious job seeker looking for full-time employment for another business.

What I Was Doing

As a Strategy Consultant, I was conducting organizational studies and evaluations, reviewing systems (business operations, not IT architecture) and assessing procedures, and writing analyses and reports on my observations. Have a look at some of the results of my work.

What I’m Looking For


Integrity, Genuineness, People, Conscientiousness, Quality


Has vision. Adheres to core values. Allows for ideas. Encourages and supports my individual goals and pursuits.

Group Identity exhibits cohesion, not factions; and supports progress for all, not self-serving gain.
Rules that guide strategy and enforce progress towards the company’s goals.
Power gained and given through ideas, and supporting others.
Reward & Punishment are concurrent with furthering (or hindering) progress towards business goals, advocacy for the firm’s strategy and strengthening team effort.
Problems Solved are those that have impact on the well-being of the client, support community and give rise to the promise and potential of all stakeholders.

/ Fields

IT, Higher Education, Hospitality (services), Engineering/Construction.

Consulting, Organization Development, Marketing (branding).


Sr. Analyst ● Sr. Business Analyst ● Market Research Analyst ● Project Manager

I would like to be part of a team that both promotes and has a hand in orienting the business strategy through internal communication and collaboration (alignment). This would make use of my ability to observe and identify risks, discover cross-functional business problems, and develop opportunities for continuous improvement. Skills I would like to use are

  • Creative Problem-Solving through the application of broad-based critical thinking, active listening, and linking opportunities with resources.
  • Writing and Research for technical documents, standard operating procedures (SOPs), analyses and reports, white papers, blogs…I love it all.
  • Leading, Mentoring, and Supporting entry-level staff members.
  • Business Development to extend or even expand the firm’s business model and revenue stream opportunities.

What Makes Me Valuable

I think holistically with the entire business in mind – us and them.

Writing is a skill and I have it.

I am a leader in our community – I care about people.

A certain appreciation from having run my own business.

Finally, Consider This

I received an email this past weekend from someone. Here’s an excerpt.

…thank you for what you taught me…You are an awesome example of the person I want to be…I’ve done a lot of networking over my career, and few people have inspired me the way you do.

If that is the kind of reaction you want from your staff, clients, associates and prospects, then please consider reaching out for a discussion over coffee.

Danny Rehr, Job Seeker

Download my resume and learn more about my career,
but not before checking out my sample work below.

Sample Work

from working with
Rehr Consulting

Department Assessment

Budget Analysis

Conference Notes

Marketing Campaign

Thank you,


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