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Support the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential – Rehr Consulting

I’m thrilled to become part of the Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) organizing team. Max Crismon and Jacob Miller have made an undeniably positive mark in the Vancouver, WA community. To compliment what they’ve achieved over the past 17 months, Get Hired in Tech has been rebranded to include the healthcare component. Co-Organizers, Brandi Sander and Sean Moore, will lead those offerings.

Get Hired’s 1st Healthcare Meet & Greet will take place Tuesday, April 23 @ 5:30p-7:00p @ WorkSource

Join the Meetup

Get Hired (Tech & Healthcare)

About the Meetup

Countless professionals finding new careers.

Fastest-growing meetup group in the region.

680 members and counting!

Channel for area companies to reach area talent.

A YouTube channel.

The Official Announcement


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