Invited To Speak

I am thrilled to announce that I have been invited to speak at the PDX Support Group for Job Seekers Meetup event in Beaverton, Oregon on May 31 at The Griffith Park Building (Room 350) from 6:00p – 7:30p PDT.

The talk I will deliver is a new one, The Scaling Up of You: Starting With Informational Interviews.

For those who have heard my previous talks, I will build upon the idea of informational interviewing. In effect, how might one use informational interviewing as a platform to, in this case, amplify one’s identity – all of one’s faculties, competencies and interests? Networking is important. So, too, is an identity other than being just another candidate.

Why are you interesting, competent and unique? What makes you you?

From the event page:

This talk is not an argument for what’s best – I am not a career expert.

My message is one of perspective and learning something new about the power you have as a person, not a resume – for job seeking, networking and even professional development during and after.

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PDX Support Group for Job Seekers

This group is for those people who have been actively looking for their next opportunity and seeking the company of fellow opportunity hunters for support. Support includes holding each other accountable, running a cover letter or resume by someone else, meeting up and sharing horror or success stories, moral support to keep going when you get tired of talking about yourselves, tips and tricks and if it works out that way, pass on leads. The primary aim is supporting each other, so doesn’t matter which field you are looking in.


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