The Ambitious Among Us

The person behind the job.

Their ambition, their strategy.

1-on-1 Informational Interviews


Research-Backed Articles

Meet the amazing business and technology minds of the Vancouver-metropolitan area and beyond.


What Is An Informational Interview?

Def. An informational interview is an opportunity to learn about a topic and establish an association or even a relationship with a practitioner.

Learn & Be Inspired

Recent Interviews & Articles

Previous Interviewees’ Articles…

Jackie MeldrumMaking Your Own Bed
Scott CulbertsonnConnect
Jill WalkerBoomerang Bistro
Sanita WonserCustomer Service Expert, Author
John WilsonProperty Management
Alex PavlenkoPresso Coffee Bar, Blinds NW, VanCoffee
Roland “Mr. Em” EmetazNorthwest Interagency Coordination Center

Coming Soon…

Mike WallGreat Western Malting Co.
JT SmithServices Transformation Solutions, LLC
Dave BarcosNorth Bank Innovations

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An expert at informational interviewing, my name is Danny Rehr of Rehr Consulting. I am a Genuine Consultant who supports the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential. My MBA is concentrated in Strategy. I have 20 years of work experience, most of which is in the field of organization development. Additionally, I informationally interview local professionals and write research-backed articles about their ambition. Rounding out my activities, I give talks on How and Why To Conduct Informational Interviews (for job seekers, networking and professional development), contribute guest blog posts, and I volunteer in the community. I love coffee and fountain pens!

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