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We, as designers fight for the user…To understand a user’s perspective in life and to have empathy is what makes us great at what we do.

Balraj Chana, 2017, Prototypr.io

This interview was to be about the ambition of a coffee cafe manager. But, who knew? Jill Walker seemingly manages Boomerang Bistro on the side. That is not so, and neither is Boomerang Bistro just a coffee cafe.

Boomerang Bistro has the facade of a cafe, the grit of a restaurant, the elegance and versatility of a parlor, and the goodwill of a community service. Sure enough, the place matches the ambitions of its manager – who is also its designer, executive director and, now, event manager.

Sow, Build & Advance

For those who have been reading my blog, they’ll know I subscribe to Michael Porter’s definition of strategy. At its most basic, “strategy is the creation of a unique and valuable position, involving a different set of activities” (Porter, 1996).

I observed from Jill’s anecdotal history that her personal attributes and foci (the white arrows in the above graphic) turned into motivations and aspirations (the blue arrows). And those aspirations continue to materialize into a unique career.

Dollar For

Family members of both Jill and her husband, Jared, each endured medical challenges a few years ago. It spurred them to create a new venture that supported others.

Learn more at dollarfor.org; donate here.

This effort remains close to Jill’s heart as she experienced the ups and downs of building something from just an idea.

Ideas of Her Own

When a server in a restaurant and later as an event manager, Jill explained, she saw alternative opportunities. Corporate processes standardized tasks; although, they disallowed individualism and situational decision-making. This sort of ‘organizational slack’ brought about a desire to create something new (Näslund, 1964).

Boomerang Bistro

With a keen sense of careful risk-taking and overall startup experience of Dollar For, Jill was ready to design anew. And by all visible cues, Boomerang Bistro is a success.


Jill noted that the place and organization, both, are “friendly, inviting and [give the sense to customers that they are] part of the community.” A large sign on the wall dignifies success along with the values of Jill, the Executive Director. Boomerang Bistro, the nonprofit, has to date raised more then $91,000 for various charities.

Sitting at Boomerang Bistro’s over-21 bar behind which sits the old-fashioned hand-press orange juicer–one customer I know has raved about Boomerang Bistro’s screwdrivers–Jill’s gaze moved about as she spoke. There is a charm to the space – openness, the color scheme, she had the faux ceiling raised, and she wanted the brick wall behind the bar exposed. Jill didn’t build the place, but she built the space.


Now, Jill coordinates events in the space (including the attached Tandem Hall area).

The first big event will be Vancouver’s Largest NYE Party | A Huge Count Down [sic] to 2019!

Get your tickets…

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