‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ To Shift Strategies

Learn & Be Inspired

Same Live Interview or Panel

New Focus: Community Businesses

Intent: Share Business Strategies

‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’

Events that highlight and share business strategies in an approachable conversation that business leaders and community members, alike, will enjoy. 

Learn & Be Inspired


Improve your business.

Learn new strategies.

Get a multi-disciplinary look at business problems you may have.

Meet others in your field and industry.

Gain from experts.

Join / Attend

Learn & Be Inspired

Coming Soon…

Jared Walker

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Download: Google Calendar

Sam Holloway, Ph.D. & Mark Meckler, Ph.D.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Download: Google Calendar

Recent Events


The Ambitious Among Us

I really enjoy community-based informational interviews and will continue to conduct them for my ‘Interviews of the Ambitious’ campaign. Stay tuned for more!

Reach me to talk strategy.

‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ and ‘Interviews of the Ambitious’ are sponsored by the following…

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