A Fine Day

Today was quite a day, a fine day. While I am unhealthily opposed to the attention, the consideration given to the merits of what I have achieved as Rehr Consulting was rewarding.

This morning I attended ‘Get Hired in Tech‘, organized by Max Crismon and Jacob Miller.

Max conducted an hour-long workshop for 40 people on overhauling one’s LinkedIn profile. In doing so, he discussed the benefits of

  1. Producing competency-based ideas and materials.
  2. Pursuing meaningful opportunities that help others.
  3. Being part of one’s community.

Producing Original Content

Max called me out by name to explain how I exemplified producing original content.

I work hard on generating research-backed articles featuring results of informationally interviewing local businesspeople here in the Vancouver, WA area.

The Ambitious Among Us

Pursuing Meaningful Opportunities That Help Others

.Additionally, Max called me an expert in front of the crowd

Click for slides.

My experience has been the source of talks given to help job seekers and those seeking professional development.

  • For approaching others (e.g. hiring managers).
  • Creating a meaningful dialogue on a particular topic.
  • Establishing an enduring relationship.

Being Part of One’s Community

Max also highly recommended that job seekers and community members in general “do something…anything.”

Learn & Be Inspired

‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ has been a huge marketing campaign for Rehr Consulting. And, while events have been admittedly more challenging to coordinate than I initially anticipated–the effect being limited programming to date–I am deservedly proud of the positive response the group has gotten.

Rehr Consulting has been a terrific opportunity for me, and I have done what I can to help others – sometimes even too much. It all evens out.

When the merits of my efforts are brought out publicly like they were today, I can only say I am humbled by the opportunity to support the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential.

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