What I Did; What I’ll Do

2018 Was A Special Year.

I did a lot of things for other people.

Supporting the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential.

Est. 2018

Initiated connections between individuals and groups to

Meet common interests.

Facilitate business dealings.

Help college students start their careers.

Trade knowledge.

Create new and enduring relationships.

Generally support ambitions of others.

Delivered numerous talks on how to conduct informational interviews for job seekers and professional development.

Video thanks to The Tech Academy in Portland, OR

Supported what I believe is the most up-and-coming tech company in Vancouver, WA – RealWear. That includes providing support and friendship after I left.

Thanks to Lead Organizer, Max Crismon.

Co-organized one of the year’s largest grassroots community events in Vancouver, WA, Meet the Meetups.

Began a meetup group so others can Learn & Be Inspired.

Obtained the support of sponsors – to whom I have given 100% effort in return to represent them in kind.

Backed local nonprofit, nConnect, through business development efforts and offering my time.

Volunteered for Global ADE.

The Ambitious Among Us

Established a community campaign that has me interview local businesspeople (The Ambitious Among Us!) to learn about the person behind the job. To date I have published 5 articles about 5 terrific people.

Provided pro bono strategy-related services to several local businesses to help them with continuous improvement awareness, routines and agendas.

So What’s Next?

I cannot predict the future, but I have a feeling a lot of more of the same.

Happy 2019 to all!

Published by Danny Rehr

Danny Rehr supports the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential. A graduate of University of Portland's Pamplin School of Business he earned an MBA with a concentration in Strategy. Danny is an organization development professional who uses his skillset professionally and in the community. He enjoys writing expository articles on the subjects of ambition, strategy, and business management. Similarly, he gives talks on the topics of informational interviewing and linking opportunities with resources for both personal and professional development. Danny loves coffee and fountain pens.

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