No Event, But Interview Still To Happen

The scheduled ‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ for Wednesday, February 20, 2019 with Jess Chan-O’Donnell has been sadly cancelled. Her schedule and upcoming activities for 2019 will disallow her to participate. We discussed some of her plans and they are exciting!

That’s why this announcement is bittersweet. Jess is a big part of the Vancouver business and startup scene. Interviewing her was going to be fun for both the community and me. I am excited, then, to announce…

She will make an excellent addition to the ‘Interviews of the Ambitious‘ campaign!

So keep an eye out here for the article written about her in January or February, 2019.

Night Market Vancouver in 2019

Meanwhile, here is the event schedule for Jess’s Night Market Vancouver in 2019. And note that now the events will be Terminal 1 / Warehouse 23.

Questions concerning information, sponsoring or advertising, etc. for Night Market Vancouver? You may contact them at for more information.

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