‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ & Rehr Consulting Each Have A Purpose: They Are One In the Same

‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ or something like it is repeatable in your community – and in your business.  Think about that, and think about how you can support the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential.

My reader is encouraged to do something.  Lead your community.  Ensure we are all supporting one another to be something more.  

Gravitate played host Wednesday night to the kickoff of ‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious‘.  An exciting start, it was an opportunity to discuss the the group.  There were a few other eagerly-anticipated highlights to expand the community and create new energy.

Question Answered: Why This Group?

‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ is both symbolic and exemplary of Rehr Consulting.  Fundamentally, the events will support the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential.  The group is different than any other group in the area for several reasons.  

And when those reasons operate together, the group is sustainably unique, serving value to everyone involved.  In other words, the group is a manifestation of STRATEGY.  

‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ is intended to serve as a marketing channel for Rehr Consulting whilst bringing together some truly special people in the community.

For Who Is This Group?

This group serves several audiences.  

The first is the audience.  Those individuals who make up the in-person collection of listeners may be meetup.com members or otherwise.  Regardless, they should expect to learn and be inspired by the interviewee.  

Ambition is all of the following: ubiquitous, inspiring, thought-provoking, and useful.

Tribes or communities or friendships or partnerships may be formed by ambition.  This I learned from my own informational interviews after earning my MBA.  Intramurally, then, audience members will serve audience members.

The interviewee(s) will gain professional and community exposure, and receive support back from the audience.  This person(s) will have an opportunity to share his or her or their story(ies).  

The forum will not be a recount of bullet-point achievements, but rather an interactive depiction of a whole person.  

By revealing the person behind the job title, the interviewee(s) will comfortably afford all in the room the ability to compare experiences.  Furthermore, we will all learn how the person fits into his/her/their career, lifestyle, worldview, etc.

The community should thrive, too.  This is key.

Those who are exposed to ‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ may learn about how to make a positive difference in their community or office or club, etc. through whatever their ambition.  

Sometimes we just need to learn and be inspired to do great things.  That’s how Rehr Consulting will benefit; that is how others may benefit from Rehr Consulting.

I want to meet interesting, enterprising people.  The more genuine and ambitious they are, the better.  And I hope to be able to help them.  Through ‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’, they can learn about me, and me them.

4 Standard Interview Questions:

  1. What is it about your personality, character, motivation and aspiration(s) that have contributed to your ambition?
  2. How do you define your own, personal brand of ambition?
  3. Who was/is an important part of your ambition?
  4. How might others learn and be inspired by your story?

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