Last night was the kickoff event for ‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’.  During the event, a few exciting announcements were made.  They were:

One-on-One Interviews, Blog

One-on-one, no audience.

A new format for ‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ will begin in late-2018.  

The derivative–‘Interviews of the Ambitious‘–will be a one-on-one format that will not involve an audience, nor will it be recorded in any way (‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ is not a recorded format, either).  

The new format will enable more frequent, yet less time-consuming interviews.  (Conversations are easier to arrange than full-blown events.)  In effect, regular blogposts will put a spotlight on many more ambitious community members.

Summaries of those blogposts with links back to original content will be published more broadly in a new online newsletter through a partnership with VanCoffee (see below).

VanCoffee Brand Expansion

Local small business owner and operator, Alex Pavlenko, has begun a crowdsourced effort to keep community members engaged and aware.  He has extended the VanCoffee brand from the local group he administers, called VanCoffee, to a new, online newsletter, and even a new coffee bean.

A crowdsourced news channel for local business and technology professionals.

“Fresh Brewed News Delivered To Your Inbox”

Presso Coffee Bar Roaster Crafts New Blend, Just for Vancouver, WA!

VanCoffee Blend, a 60%:40% of Guatemalan and Honduran, was released on November 14.  It will eventually be made available for wholesale.

New Channels

(by invitation only)

(by invitation only)

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