‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ Welcomes Gravitate as Sponsor

Vancouver, WA: Gravitate, the Vancouver-based digital marketing and web design firm, has agreed to sponsor ‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious‘, a meetup group featuring live informational interviews to learn about the person behind the job title. What’s more, all local events will take place in the Gravitate offices.

Gravitate substantiates business identities by partnering with their clients to “drive change, boost revenue, and transform [their] digital marketing.” At the core of what they do is listening and understanding, collaborating, and data and research. Small teams prefer to engage clients, work alongside them and remove typical service delivery barriers. In effect, Gravitate “helps brands engage with their consumers, start conversations, and boost conversions.”

Community initiatives are extremely important to the company. That alone would make them an obvious partner of ‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’. Gravitate President, Colten Tidwell, wants not just to engage the community, but to invite them to associate. That is a natural extension of how Gravitate operates. He was originally approached to be an interviewee; upon learning there was a need for space to hold events, he didn’t hesitate.

‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ events will afford opportunities to bring the community into the Gravitate space, get to know the company and its people, and experience learning and inspiration alongside Southwest Washington.

Contact Gravitate at hello@gravitatedesign.com, or (888) 641-7313. To join their team, see their current openings. And to stay up to date on their ideas, perspectives and revelations in the industry, read their blog.



In a live interview setting, come listen to the area’s thought leaders and pathfinders who operate in the business and technology sectors.

We’ll discuss the practitioners behind the job titles. Together we’ll uncover what personality, character, motivation and aspirations are the makeup of people who thrive. Knowing the human will lead to a greater understanding of why the person does what he or she does, how he or she does it, and what that ambition shapes up to be. Finally, we’ll come to understand what ambition means to different people.

Learn and be inspired. And, let your promise and potential be stimulated by others’ stories. Meet others who want to grow professionally and engage concerned and critical thinkers.

Danny Rehr of Rehr Consulting is the group’s administrator and host.

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