‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ Welcomes Ryan Krusac Studios as Sponsor

Vancouver, WA: The Calhoun, Georgia-based luxury writing instrument artisan, Ryan Krusac Studios, will sponsor ‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious‘, a meetup group featuring live informational interviews to learn about the person behind the job title.  

Ryan Krusac Studios has made a name for itself through high-quality materials, craftsmanship and customer service – all the elements behind the award-winning business it has become in the last decade.  Pen World Magazine‘s 2017 Artisan Pen Maker of the Year, Ryan Krusac has produced some of the more compelling writing instrument lines in recents years.  Word on the artist behind the product is that Ryan is easy and pleasant to work with.

Indeed, it is the person (and his family) behind Ryan Krusac Studios that makes association with ‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ such a fit.  Not coincidentally, Host Danny Rehr, is fortunate to own three of Ryan’s creations.

Ryan uses natural materials–rare woods, burl woods, gold, naturally-shed moose antler, etc.–to create his pens.  He adorns the pens through scrimshaw, hand-painted artwork, and application of stones such as labradorite, turquoise and mother of pearl.  All woods and materials are natural; neither stains, nor embellishments are used.

See Ryan’s Dangers of the Deep portfolio, Large Cat series, custom offerings and his latest, the Legend line (2 of the 3 writing instrument pictures above), at fountainpenstudios.com.  Ryan Krusac Studios attends pen shows across the United States–including sponsoring the Colorado Pen Show–collaborates with other artists (Andreas Lambrou and Paul Rossi) and supports charitable campaigns (Fountain Pen Day, Newton Pens Scholarships).

Contact Ryan Krusac at ryan@ryankrusac.com, or (706) 625-7549.



In a live interview setting, come listen to the area’s thought leaders and pathfinders who operate in the business and technology sectors.

We’ll discuss the practitioners behind the job titles. Together we’ll uncover what personality, character, motivation and aspirations are the makeup of people who thrive. Knowing the human will lead to a greater understanding of why the person does what he or she does, how he or she does it, and what that ambition shapes up to be. Finally, we’ll come to understand what ambition means to different people.

Learn and be inspired. And, let your promise and potential be stimulated by others’ stories. Meet others who want to grow professionally and engage concerned and critical thinkers.

Danny Rehr of Rehr Consulting is the group’s administrator and host.

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