Strategy: The Essence of the Entrepreneur

What is the essence of the entrepreneur?  The person?  The idea?  The business?  A quick look at the three facets in question follows.

Person, Idea, Business


Preferences, worldview, values and so on will be constructs of any startup.  It is likely that attributes of one’s identity lead to new ideas.  We often hear how important the entrepreneur is to the startup.


Interactions with the world that are uniquely one’s own stimulate our imaginations and creativity, and generate new concepts.  Those special individuals who decide to do something about problems are the entrepreneurs.


When a person decides to turn an idea into a venture, something changes.  Indeed, startups are not people, and they are not ideas.  They are businesses.

Businesses have their own identity and their own mechanisms to nurture, to thrive.  Businesses can fail, yet the person and idea remain; the person or even the idea could fail, and yet the startup/business may carry on, too.  Perhaps the real question is how does an entrepreneur build a startup that is sustainably unique?

The answer is the essence of the entrepreneur.


Businesses require wise positioning and activities within a market to be competitive and prosper.  It is that indispensable utilization of his or her identity and a great idea to operate a business successfully that makes the entrepreneur.  That is strategy – the essence of making the personality, idea and business work in harmony.

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