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Job searching.
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New project. I’ve made huge strides and am beside myself to announce this. Just a little further to go…

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The next Coffee Talk for Vancouver, WA-area coffee café owners has been internally communicated with the day (2020), time and location pending. Meanwhile, another Coffee Talk event is in the planning stage. It features the broadest outreach for support to date! We’re very excited to bring this service to the coffee community.

Excited to be collaborating once again with Shruti Chatterjee, MBA!

Created a new component to my website. Introducing…

My Talks

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Mentoring and guiding an area professional.

Built a website to collaborate, share and archive documents, videos, etc.

Developing a roadmap with goals and milestones, necessary resources, and an ultimate vision.

Building a kanban system along with a dashboard for tracking progress.

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Promoting my terrific sponsors.

Gravitate and Ryan Krusac Studios sponsor both my
Coffee Talk events and Interviews of the Ambitious articles.