Coffee Talk Events

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These private events have been held for the Vancouver-area coffee community.

The coffee community can do more together than any one coffee business can do alone.


I led the organization and facilitation of discussions amongst Vancouver, WA café owners and managers. We discussed strategy, gauged the market along with industry trends, and participated in collaborative learning.

(Special thanks to my collaborator extraordinaire,
Shruti Chatterjee, for her invaluable contributions!)

Takeaways & Docs

Coffee Talk 3: Double Shot

July 2019

Customer Personas: Current, New & Future

We had such an awesome event in June, Coffee Talk 3, that we did it again. Coffee Talk 3: Double Shot!

Coffee Talk 3

June 2019

Empathy and Human-Centered Design for Business Strategy

“Marketing is everything and nothing.” Control what you can; design for the rest. Creativity is the new business plan.

Meeting Notes

Coffee-Related Research

Coffee Talk 2

March 2019

The New Remote Worker Trend

Set the tone for remote workers, not rules. Straightforward policy preferable to passive-aggressive. Remote Worker is to arrangement; as Customer is to transaction.

Meeting Notes

Coffee-Related Research

Coffee Talk 1

January 2019

General Strategy

The group wants to meet more regularly–at least once per quarter–each time at a different, local cafe.

Meeting Notes

Coffee-Related Research


Coffee Talk 3

Ian Parkman, Ph.D

Dr. Ian Parkman is an Associate Professor of Marketing at the Pamplin School of Business at the University of Portland. His teaching and research interests focus on design-driven product innovation, marketing strategy, the creative industries, and corporate image, identity, and reputation. He has published and presented his work with the Journal of Brand Management, Business and Society Review, the Design Management Institute, the American Marketing Association, Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, the European Academy of Design, among others. His Ph.D., Marketing, is from the University of Oregon and he has an MBA from the University of New Mexico.
Image and content courtesy of Ian Parkman, Ph.D. and; used with permission.

Shruti Chatterjee, MBA

Shruti Chatterjee is a software engineer. Her passion for strategic planning and brand building drew her towards an MBA in marketing and entrepreneurship. Likewise, she is fascinated by the rapidly growing tech landscape and its impact on traditional businesses. Her most recent professional endeavor was as part of a design and implementation team of a corporate university for Daimler Trucks North America. When she is not supporting the local coffee community in collaboration with Rehr Consulting, she is a wife and mom.
Image and content courtesy of Shruti Chatterjee, MBA; used with permission.

Coffee Talk 2

Dave Skinner

Dave Skinner is a remote problem solver, and a Partner at Ten One Design.  His desire to support and educate others grows out of a finely-tuned obsession for data-driven decision-making.  Dave has been a remote worker–using the Internet to functionally support and build an organization–for years before it was fashionable.  His teammates live across the United States; together they “make remarkable tools for remote work.” Now, he is constantly researching, analyzing data and testing products to pursue making remote life better.  When he finally shuts the computer down each day, Dave can usually be found spending time with his family and friends, working on home projects or helping folks shop for their next car.
Image and content courtesy of Dave Skinner; used with permission.

Contact Dave and the Ten One Design team:

Strategy Resources

Design Thinking

Customer Personas

With thanks, this video is used with permission from MJV Innovation and Technology. They “promote business growth and organizational transformation” across the globe. Learn more about them at
With thanks, this video is used with permission from MJV Innovation and Technology. They “promote business growth and organizational transformation” across the globe. Learn more about them at

Business Model Canvas

Osterwalder, Alexander. The Business Model Canvas. Zürich: Strategyzer AG, n.d. Print., name and URL included as required by Strategyzer AG’s Creative Commons license, 2016.

Video used with permission. Strategyzer AG. “Business Model Canvas Explained”. Youtube, 2011, Accessed 2 Apr 2019.

‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’

An event-based campaign that highlights and shares business strategies for community businesses and interested community members.

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An expert at informational interviewing, my name is Danny Rehr of Rehr Consulting. I am a Genuine Consultant who supports the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential. My MBA is concentrated in Strategy. I have 20 years of work experience, most of which is in the field of organization development. Additionally, I informationally interview local professionals and write research-backed articles about their ambition. Rounding out my activities, I give talks on How and Why To Conduct Informational Interviews (for job seekers, networking and professional development), contribute guest blog posts, and I volunteer in the community. I love coffee and fountain pens!

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