Moving Strategy Forward: North Bank Innovations

**Seeking Immediate Work in Rockville, MD area**

This is a call to action. If you can support the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential, then do it.

Many in my community and beyond use strategy and yet have unmet ambition. I respect that. So when I recognize others in that position and I have knowledge and resources to help, I will…

Support the ambitions

of others to meet

promise and potential.

Moving Strategy Forward

Dave Barcos is playing the long game. Economic development in Vancouver, Washington requires a steady hand and stable vision. Dave has that vision.

In the future there will be startups, and those startups will have support.

That support will be an ecosystem of knowledge, experience, and funding. Over the past 4-5 years, Dave has provided structure when there was none, held up economic development for the startup community, and given it a chance when Portland’s long shadow stretched across the Columbia River. Vancouver is coming into its own. Nurtured throughout, the startup community is growing. Dave is to thank for that first and foremost.

Through his North Bank Innovation organization, Dave Barcos is ‘Moving Strategy Forward’.

Upcoming Event

Are you struggling to get your team working together across silos (whether functional, geographic, or otherwise)? Does it seem like you just can’t get traction collaborating on a shared project?

What Will Be Discussed

“Barn Raising” is a workshop approach that helps break down silos and increase the diversity of viewpoints, enabling accelerated collaboration and knowledge capture & sharing. The core insight being: If the Amish community can come together and build an entire barn over a weekend, why can’t we use a similar approach to rapidly incubate collaboration & knowledge sharing?

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Featured Guest

Jeff Maaks, Fuchsia Innovation Advisors, LLC

Jeff is an experienced leader with a mind for business, collaboration, and delivering growth through technological innovation. In his former role as CTO for Hitachi Oil and Gas, Jeff led global and cross-cultural initiatives in market assessment and commercialization of new technologies. His expertise in enterprise architecture, cloud computing, collaboration / community, and business integration is informed by a passion for data and for bringing people together. Currently, Jeff is a Partner with Fuchsia Innovation Advisors, where his technical mastery helps deliver start-up agility to large enterprises.

A Message from Dave Barcos

Vancouver has vast resources in the people, knowledge and experience residing here. This makes a great foundation for developing high impact startups. North Bank is committed to shining a light on every aspect of our region at every turn through events to inspire and educate the startup community.

About North Bank Innovations

From the North Bank Innovations website:

We put our focus on the founder. That means building talent, skills and the experience you need to build something successful. We put on events for startup founders at every stage of growth and offer a simple membership to give you access to tools and training.

We host informative and education events every month. As you build momentum and become serious about getting started, we have programs that can help you for launch your startup, or prep you for investment or scale for success.

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