Moving Strategy Forward: Kaitlin Christine

**Seeking Immediate Work in Rockville, MD area**

This is a call to action. If you can support the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential, then do it.

Many in my community and beyond use strategy and yet have unmet ambition. I respect that. So when I recognize others in that position and I have knowledge and resources to help, I will…

Support the ambitions

of others to meet

promise and potential.

Moving Strategy Forward

My mother has the BRCA gene and had breast cancer. Every year on December 5 I call my mom to tell her I love her, because that was the day many years ago that she had surgery to remove a malignant lump. Several years later, she had prophylactic surgery to ensure her good health. That means every year on February 18, I call her again. My mom’s one of the lucky ones – a survivor. Some aren’t so lucky, however.

So when I learned about what Kaitlin Christine is doing, I knew. Kaitlin Christine is ‘Moving Strategy Forward’.

Kaitlin Christine of HERstory “educates and empowers women to know their cancer risk and demand quality care. By coaching women and helping navigate them through the healthcare system ensuring they get the care and resources they deserve.” She’s moving forward with a project that will bring awareness and action closer at hand, literally.

Kaitlin plans on “developing an App to customize a health plan for women and walk them through the process.”

She cannot do it alone, however. Kaitlin is looking for a group of individuals or an agency to assist with the UX, design and build out. Not only that, she’s busy raising capital and creating relationships to make her vision a reality. And she’s taking clients.

Kaitlin’s Story

From the PDX Women In Tech Slack channel:

My name is Kaitlin Christine and I have an early stage startup to educate and empower women to take control of their health.

I lost my Mom to Breast Cancer…After the loss of my Mom, I too was diagnosed with the BRCA1 gene and had a suspicious lump…during surgery they found Breast Cancer–I was 23.

Kaitlin Christine, HERstory/HERway

Basser Center for BRCA

Basser Center for BRCA at Penn Medicine. “BRCA Basics & Path To Progress”. YouTube, 2017, Accessed 23 Feb 2019.

A Message from Kaitlin

5-6 sentence to build on what’s established above.

Learn More About Kaitlin

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