What I Learned From Shae Noble

‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’

November 28, 2018

Featured guest: Shae Noble

A Professional
A Community Leader
A Mother

The Ambitious

‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ is a meetup group based in Vancouver, WA.  Two weeks ago the grouped kicked off with an overview of what to expect.  This week I welcomed my first guest, Shae Noble.  

Shae is the Site Operations Coordinator with Logitech.  The job is a departure from a career largely spent in human resources.  While she remains active in the field–Shae will take over next month as President of the Southwest Washington Society for Human Resource Management–her pursuit of more hands-on operational activities has positioned her for different impact.

Ambitions Meet Similar Challenges

Shae told the audience that when she thinks about ambition, she thinks about potential.  Perhaps correlative, she has learned that leadership requires a certain patience.  Talent has to have time to prove itself – not to a certain end, but to its natural end.

Audience member, Colten Tidwell, President of Gravitate (a sponsor of ‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’), commented that he has made a concerted effort to embrace failure.  Failed attempts at success actually ensure stronger chances for future success given the experience.

It’s not that either Shae or Colten encourage setbacks; rather, a fair attempt is a building block toward discovery and wherewithal.  

A Casual, Perfect Solution To Impostor Syndrome

Earlier in the day I had read an article online.  The author’s revelation concerning impostor syndrome caught my attention:

Everyone feels outmatched at times.

Every Entrepreneur Has Imposter Syndrome. Here’s Why We Need to Talk About It, by Jason Feifer, November 28, 2018.

A small business owner just starting out, one cannot help but feel outmatched.  During conversation that evening, Shae inadvertently had the perfect perspective.

“I am a casual perfectionist.”

Wisdom like this demonstrates the value of informational interviews, and my group’s motto.

Learn & Be Inspired

Shae said she’s a “casual perfectionist.”  The lesson I gained from her was to be honest with myself about my goals.  It’s all right to have big goals, and still OK to achieve only so much.  Shae’s perspective brings into harmony her sense of ambition, potential and patience.  

Thank you, Shae, for making the event so successful and even more for the positive contribution to the community in your spare time.  Of course, a special thanks to our sponsors, too: Gravitate and Ryan Krusac Studios.  Here is to supporting the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential.

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