Moving Strategy Forward

**Seeking Immediate Work in Rockville, MD area**

Join me in supporting the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential.

Many in my community and beyond use strategy. I respect that. So when I recognize others using strategy–especially for the ambitions of others–and I have knowledge and resources to help, I will…

take the lead & Support Ambition.

The AmbitiousStrategyAmbition
Rick CampfieldCONSULTANTDECKMaking it easier to connect companies and consultants.
Relevant CoffeeNew location, Founders ProgramExecute their vision to the fullest.
PDX Women In TechScholarship Program•Develop individuals in the PDXWIT community.
•Provide support for and access to conferences
and workshops.
Kaitlin ChristineHERstoryStarting up a business to help women fight cancer.
Kevin HiebertVANtalksHighlight thought leaders in Vancouver, WA.
Nicolas VavurisNetworkingNext career move.

Danny Rehr is a graduate of University of Portland’s Pamplin School of Business where he earned an MBA with a concentration in strategy. He now operates Rehr Consulting, a strategy and continuous improvement consultancy focused on small businesses in the service industry of Southwest Washington State and surrounding areas. He loves coffee and fountain pens.

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