Max Crismon

Danny Rehr is a one-of-a-kind strategic thinker.

I can’t thank Danny enough for his contribution to what I am doing and the service that he provided.  Whether it is for your business strategy or just trying to figure out what you are thinking, contact Danny.  You won’t regret it!

I started my own side business and have been struggling to find an identity to my business. 

I wanted to take all my knowledge in business development, recruiting and community outreach and place a nice pretty bow on it.  I knew what was inside my head, but had the hardest time trying to put that on paper so that it made sense.  What was my why?  Who is my audience?  As with any start up, I struggled with getting going. 

I told Danny about the struggles that I was having and he, without hesitation, offered to help me out. 

We met a few times for coffee (which he will tell you right away if it is good or not, because coffee is his thing).  Over the course of these meetings I told Danny about my backstory, who I was and what I was trying to do.  I tried to paint the picture.  After this had happened, he came up with the most beautiful slide deck to showcase my skills and abilities. 

Everything made sense.

The concept and format in which he took my ideas and put them on paper were incredible.  I struggled with taking the ideas and making words from them.  I know what I wanted and how to talk about it, but Danny took those ideas and made them real, the “bow”.

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