Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) Proposed Coordination With WSU

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This webpage is a recreation of the informal proposal I wrote from the Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) community group to submit to Max Ault, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Strategic Partnerships.

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Join purpose. Create opportunity.

Proposed Coordination Between Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) and Washington State University

September 6, 2019

Prepared for:

Max Ault
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Strategic Partnerships

Washington State University

Prepared by:

Max Crismon
Lead Organizer

Jacob Miller
Lead Organizer

Danny Rehr
Assistant Organizer

Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare)

TC Anchor Consulting

Bringing community to businesses, and businesses to the community

September 6, 2019

Washington State University
Office of the Chancellor
c/o Max Ault, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Strategic Partnerships
Dengerink Administration Building (VDEN), # 207
14204 NE Salmon Creek Avenue
Vancouver, WA 98686

Dear Max:

Thank you for making time to meet with me last week at Washington State University Vancouver’s new Strategic Partnerships Offices. What a great space – and it is right in the middle of all that is happening in Vancouver, Washington!

I would like to more appreciably explore an idea that we discussed. A joint coordination between my Vancouver-based community group, Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare), and Washington State University would serve our respective stakeholders, including the community at-large.

Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) ​educates job seekers to get hired by bringing community to businesses, and businesses to the community​. Our mission embodies both

  1. The spirit of Washington State University’s mission as “a public research university committed to its land-grant heritage and tradition of service to society”; and
  2. Washington State University’s strategic plan, ​Drive to 25,​ that, in part, promotes “discovery, teaching, and engagement…”

The following pages are intentional to the extent that, together, this binding is not a formal document. The purpose is simply to outline the would-be features of a joint coordination and prove such a partnership would be worth considering further. I welcome your questions, and encourage your ideas and input into an eventual, coordinated strategy.


Max Crismon
Co-Founder and Lead Organizer
(541) 810-3923


Danny Rehr
Assistant Organizer
(240) 418-3343


Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) educates job seekers to get hired by bringing community to businesses, and businesses to the community.

The community group has no affiliations; there is no charge to attend events; the operation works on a $0 budget with a leadership team made up of volunteers. Through partnerships, programming has grown in scale, geographic area and industries served.

The concept is simple: leverage associations to bring ​more value to everyone​. The result is a timeline of less than 2 years that shows how Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) has achieved what it has to date. (See following page)

A joint coordination with Washington State University (WSU) would immediately establish new training space for area professionals, and students. In effect, we would likely ​perpetuate if not increase public-private partnerships​ with healthcare and business organizations’ personnel and representatives. Eventual alliances would ​create, add, and offer new possibilities for value​ in the community, for students and toward broader economic development.


WSU Vancouver has a new Strategic Partnerships Office located in downtown Vancouver, WA.

Ault, Max. “Washington State University Vancouver Strategic Partnerships Office”. ​​, 2019, Accessed 30 Aug 2019.

Utilized for Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) training programming, the space would afford an exchange of utility for both parties that neither could get for free otherwise.

WSU and WSU Vancouver

Organic contact and familiarity with self-organized professionals and businesses in the area results in positioning and promotion not easily obtained.

Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare)

Access to suitable, appealing space gives job seekers the ability to take advantage of free technical training** when gathering space usually comes at a premium cost.

**As of the end of August 2019 no curriculum has yet been developed. Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) has a volunteer leader to coordinate, organize, arrange and administer the training component. Additionally, the group may pursue continuing education unit training for the healthcare program.

Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) will promote its training program as an opportunity to:

  1. Apply technology in new ways.
  2. Introduction to new knowledge, skills and capabilities.
  3. Practice public speaking.
  4. Train others.
  5. Obtain clinical training, and hours of continuing education credit (​long-term​).

Objectives of Both Parties

Both parties have their respective targets. WSU has ​Drive for 25; whereas, in some ways balancing its operating budget by 2020 is even more fundamental. Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) goals are supportive if not complementary to WSU’s approach.

Ault, Max. “Washington State University Vancouver Strategic Partnerships Office”. ​​, 2019, Accessed 30 Aug 2019.

By coordinating respective activities and resources, and combining results, both parties should increase key metrics, meet qualitative aspirations, and help the other party grow in ways it could not alone.

Targeting WSU Goals by Increasing, Not Reducing

As WSU continues to strategically balance its budget AND increase its reserves, Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) represents creativity, new possibilities and strategic fit – and at virtually no cost. Instead of reducing use of resources, increase opportunities to create new ones.

Graphic recreated from “News and Notes: From The Desk of Kirk Schulz”., 2019, Accessed 30 Aug 2019.

Value-Add and Free

  • Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) connections with area healthcare organizations and businesses that span the region ​are value-add and free​.
  • Access to the Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) network of professionals ​are value-add and free​. They are our
    • Members, i.e. to-be-employed by area healthcare organizations and businesses.
    • Partners
    • Sponsors and other organizations.
    • Speakers.
    • Team leaders and their network of employers, contacts, associates, etc.
  • WSU’s current marketing and strategic efforts through Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) are value-add and free​.

WSU’s end result would be growth, improvement, newness, and so on – ​value-add and free​. These advantages are fun, rewarding, supportive of others, and more than reasonable steps to help reposition WSU’s present into a new and solvent future state.


Both parties have stakeholders whose interests are material.



WSU and WSU Vancouver


  • Education.
  • Experience interacting with older adults/professionals.
  • Interaction with businesses for future jobs.


  • Pride in what the school is doing for the community.
  • Residual brand association.

Provost and Executive Vice President

  • Oversight and direction of academic opportunities.

Office of the Chancellor

  • Providing access to high-quality education.
  • Serving the community.


  • Economic and sociocultural development.

Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare)

Members and the Unemployed Workforce

  • Getting hired.
  • Activities to diminish feeling of unemployment.
  • Show interviewers active improvement.


  • Strategic partnering on community campaigns.

Area Organizations

  • Positive impact.
  • Networking.
  • Sales and marketing.


  • Value-based support of others.
  • Sales and marketing.

Area Employers

  • Talent acquisition.


  • Economic development.

Joint Coordination

Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) identifies most with one of WSU’s values:

Land-Grant Ideals: We are committed to the land-grant ideals of access, engagement, leadership, and service to bring the practical benefits of education to the state, nation, and global community (Washington State University, 2019).

Strategic Plan 2014 – 2019: Progress Report Through 2018.​ Washington State University

The reason for this is that Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) is a community group that delivers practical goodwill. The 6-person ​volunteer​ leadership team is a strong collection of

  • Individual talent.
  • Varied disciplines within the talent acquisition field, and small business strategy space.
    • To provide value to membership, hiring companies, partners and sponsors.
  • Professional networks in the greater-Portland-metropolitan region.

Our–WSU, and Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare)–collective sense of supporting community and economic development in the region; and connecting businesses, people and resources is what drives us all. Together, we can educate hundreds (thousands?) of community members, students, and job seekers. ​In the longer-term, we may establish the model of a truly grassroots partnership that other universities across the country can emulate​.

Management & Contributions

The difference between training professionals and training college students is the rudiment of managing a ​coordinated​ venture, and the contributions that facilitate its framework.

The Difference Matters


The purpose for training professionals is to help them ​prove their fitness to be hired​. This happens in several ways, not the least of which is learning something new.

College Students

The plight for career startup and/or early-stage progression is to ​relieve restraints given lack of experience​ from the perspective of the employer.

On account of the difference between what’s practically necessary, managing the training program will exhibit differences in a functional focus.

Unemployment is a status. In large part, unemployment means a person is negatively postured to the point of [feeling] disrepute. Training infuses confidence, gives purpose and offers hope to apply what’s been learned atop existing experience and knowledge; fittingly, employers can have faith that an unemployed person continues to ​advance​ professional fitness through initiative, ​practical​ self-education, and ​empowerment​ through ​discovery​ – ​facets similar to the brand of WSU​.

Students – Training to Relieve Restraints

Undergraduate students in general have simultaneous promise and impediment. People want to help students, but once that student graduates, he or she is just like everyone else (i.e. the “rat race”). This latter point puts entry-level professionals at a disadvantage. There is no trust built out over time, nor is there confidence that young people can act autonomously. In short, students have the bonus of higher education, and the disadvantage of implicit restraints.

With respect to WSU students, specifically, the training onus would be placed on career- and job seeker-related:

  • Interpersonal communication [soft] skills.
  • Interactive workshops, e.g. mock interviews, how to network, etc.
  • Personal branding, e.g. LinkedIn profile building, best-practices, etc.

List is not exhaustive and subject to change.

Training Lead

Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) will have a volunteer Training Lead to oversee the training program altogether – Professional and College Students. This person will be backed by the Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) leadership team.

The Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) Training Lead will

  1. Develop and organize the curriculum.
  2. Coordinate days, times, reservations of space.
    1. Coffee service by Get Hired (Tech and Healthcare) sponsor, Presso Coffee.
  3. Administer the trainings (or designate another to be present instead).
  4. Market the training to the greater-Vancouver area.
    1. May also include Portland-focused marketing for special occasions.
  5. Directly recruit or coordinate communications to recruit trainers and speakers, etc.
  6. Ensure appropriate materials are available to trainers, speakers, etc.

Use of Space

WSU’s Strategic Partnerships Office would serve as the space used for training and other programming yet to be determined. WSU’s conduct standards, oversight of the physical space, use of its brand and ‘internal’ communications with students will be at the discretion of the university.

Ault, Max. “Washington State University Vancouver Strategic Partnerships Office”. ​​, 2019, Accessed 30 Aug 2019.

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Graphic recreated from “News and Notes: From The Desk of Kirk Schulz”., 2019, Accessed 30 Aug 2019.

Washington State University. ​Strategic Plan 2014 – 2019: Progress Report Through 2018.​ Washington State University, Pullman, 2019, p. 4, Accessed 30 Aug 2019.

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