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“Character is the architect of achievements.”

Mark Twain

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I’m Danny. I am an organization development practitioner and business analyst/consultant with an MBA concentrated in Strategy.

Helping others align their personal ambition with personal goals and desired results is no different than supporting businesspersons and firms. Then again, I find helping individuals meet their promise and potential even more rewarding.

I built this page specifically to highlight those initiatives I developed in my personal time since 2016. It was then that I began my own path toward realizing promise and potential – I began what became an MBA concentrated in Strategy.

Indeed, these activities were fun – and helped many 100s of individuals

  • Pursue career growth and goals across career stages.
  • Learn about themselves and how business works, simultaneously.
  • Discover their calling / WHY / purpose.
  • Create new opportunities and resources from those with which mentees and interested parties were theretofore “stuck.”

I can, so I do.

A responsibility to share, give, support.

Learning through helping others develop themselves is how I spend most of my personal time – supporting the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential. What appears on this page is a collection of personal initiatives, i.e. none paid.

I can, so I do.

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[Clockwise; starting at top-left: Influence Diagram for career seeker; Defining continuous improvement in terms of self-awareness and impacts on operation; Using the Notion app ( as a knowledge management tool for sharing information with some terrific young managers; Describing employee engagement and its favorable impacts.]

I produced this video to send a message. Challenging opportunities were indeed possible, and that through working together we could achieve continuous improvement across the cross-functional organization.

During The Pandemic…

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, I have continued to support the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential. It so happens that I picked up a job with Amazon. There, I work with a number of talented people. The organization is multifaceted. And, the company’s value proposition became especially significant given the socially-distanced customer base. All were factors in a thoroughly dynamic environment that I observed first-hand.

While Amazon gave me opportunity to be gainfully employed while so many lost their jobs, I made the most of it.

  1. I used my business background to identify operational gaps and determine strategies to address them – all solutions generating opportunities for others–Managers and Associates–to work together, leverage one another’s strengths, and develop their careers all the while. (See video at left.)
  2. Noticing the personal ambitions of others, I

Click to view pictures.
[Clockwise; starting at top-left: Delivering a talk about scaling-up one’s career and personal ambitions to technologists in Portland, OR; Featured graphic from a talk I gave at Washington State University Vancouver to help students comprehend their education in terms of being a professional; Visual depiction of strategy for a 1,000+ community group for which I was a Co-Organizer and strategist; Customer Journey Map from a strategy mastermind group I formed (with a collaborator) to help specialty coffee café owners learn how to better serve their customers now and in the future.]

2018 – 2020

I am a connector…

Of ideas and new strategies

Of opportunities and resources

Of career decision and self-efficacy

Of intentionality and supporting others (a calling)

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