Process Development

**Seeking Immediate Work in Rockville, MD area**

With a sound strategy, the business may be stable.

Contrarily, without a strategy, there’s no foundation for value for customers, associates or staff.

Notice, the word “process” is not the focus of stability.

Rehr Consulting helps

Augment strategy, communication and alignment.

Define the real problems that process must address.

Develop processes that ensure value to the entire organization.


Process must be founded upon strategy, and a reason to have procedures to address problems.

Why create and provide value for your customers, and how to do it.


Everyone–internal and external–must be in alignment to understand what needs to be done.

Define Problem(s)

Identify what gaps, obstacles or hindrances exist in the way of what needs to get done.

Process Development

Solving problems using all available resources.


When problems get solved, is all that’s left pure value?

If not,

then you need Rehr Consulting

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