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Risk Management for Workplace Communication

Hello Mike,

And those to whom you may share this temporary webpage (unpublicized), thank you for considering this proposal.

When last I gave a presentation to OregonSQL, I learned two things:

  1. My talk lacked takeaways for the audience. (Corrected through a follow-on article I wrote that night, at right.)
  2. The group would like “tertiary” topics such as continuous improvement, operational perspectives, etc.

To that second point, I’d like to give a talk on Risk Management Through Workplace Communication.


Learn the hierarchical framework of risk management for continuous improvement.

As a tool.

As a communication channel.

As a continuous improvement methodology.

We’ll Conduct A Workshop Based Upon the Presentation, Too

  • Role playing…
    • Manager
    • Database Administrator
    • Data Analyst
  • Critical thinking through a hands-on activity that is communication-based.
    • Risk Management necessitates teamwork and upward/downward communication (to/from one’s manager).
  • Crowdsourced ideas (identifying/mitigating risks).
    • Openly share different perspectives, ideas, etc. that manifest into Workplace Communication – Systems and Empathy.

Ultimately, Mike (and/or others), would you please let me know what you think by either emailing me back danny@danrehr.com or filling out the form below (goes to the same inbox).

Looking forward to your feedback! -Danny

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