Ambitious Others

**Seeking Immediate Work in Rockville, MD area**

These are not clients.  These are organizations I support because of why they do what they do, and how they go about doing it.

Strictly an online retailer, The Goulet Pen Company (GPC) supports the ambitions of others through their interpersonal values.  They are the best.  Imagine the challenge of selling a tactile instrument in a niche market associated with experience, luxury and premium pricing – and customers cannot touch, hold, feel or try that product.  How does one overcome?  GPC figured out a strategy, and boy are they good at it!  They put their entire energy into working together and working for their customers.  Amazing. Their values: Work hard, Be honest, Be flexible; Trust is our currency; Work as a team; Empower through education; Express gratitude; Serve with passion; Care.

Jamie Erdman and her staff have created a marvel. Their motto is “Serving coffee is what we do, Caring for people is why we do it.” Thatcher’s Coffee is a SW Vancouver, Washington-based cafe that supports staff-chosen charitable organizations, local artisans, vegan customers, entrepreneurs and small businesses, friendly gatherings, and so many more.

North Bank Innovations (NBI) is near and dear.  Operated by the inimitable Dave Barcos, this nonprofit organization serves the Vancouver, Washington startup and entrepreneurial community.  Its programming, including events and workshops, fundamentally support the ambitions of others, including me.  I’ve had the pleasure of volunteering for many NBI functions; even more so, I have learned a lot in service to others.

From the Global ADE website: “Global ADE is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening education in developing countries. We fund grassroots educational improvements spearheaded by individuals and organizations that live in the communities in which they work.”  Executive Director, Kenny King, and his teams change lives.

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