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Articulate Ambitions, Meet Strategy.

Strategy Consultant

Supporting the ambitions of others to meet promise and potential involves helping to express personal strategy. We each have fitness for ambition. More than a business coach, I am a connector – of activities and positions, of resources and function, of people and opportunities.

Applying structure to the unstructured and augmenting plans in place is the job of an organization development professional. I help

Professional Experience

  • Business strategy analysis
  • Business process improvement
  • Business model analysis
  • Operations consulting
  • Change management and continuous improvement programming implementation
    • System implementation
    • Process mapping
    • Technical writing (e.g. Standard Operating Procedures or SOPs, market analyses, etc.)
    • Training (lecture, small group, and one-on-one)



MBA (Strategy concentration)

University of Portland


Mass Communication

Towson University

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