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  • A Fine Day

    A Fine Day

    Today was quite a day, a fine day. While I am unhealthily opposed to the attention, the consideration given to the merits of what I have achieved as Rehr Consulting was rewarding. This morning I attended ‘Get Hired in Tech‘, organized by Max Crismon and Jacob Miller. Max conducted an hour-long workshop for 40 people […]

  • What I Did; What I’ll Do

    What I Did; What I’ll Do

    2018 Was A Special Year. I did a lot of things for other people. Est. 2018 Initiated connections between individuals and groups to Meet common interests. Facilitate business dealings. Help college students start their careers. Trade knowledge. Create new and enduring relationships. Generally support ambitions of others. Delivered numerous talks on how to conduct informational […]

  • Upcoming ‘Live Interviews of the Ambitious’ to Feature Jess Chan-O’Donnell!

    Wednesday, February 20, 2019 Jess is a serial entrepreneur, a designer, an artist, and a notable force in the Vancouver business scene. She currently focuses her time on Night Market Vancouver. Check it out at Sign up.  Tickets are FREE. Sponsored by…

  • Guest Hosting 12/11 VanCoffee Meetup

    Guest Hosting 12/11 VanCoffee Meetup

    A shame, Alex Pavlenko will not be able to show.  He’s asked me to host. If you’re in town tomorrow bright and early, we’re meeting at 7:30a at Boomerang Bistro.  ‘Always a good discussion about local/global business and technology.

  • Thanksgiving, 2018: Volunteering

    Thanksgiving, 2018: Volunteering

    Rehr Consulting spent Thanksgiving filling out envelopes with a Ryan Krusac Legend L-14 for a holiday mail campaign put on by Global ADE.   Ryan Krusac Studios is a sponsor of ‘Live INterviews of the Ambitious‘ About Global ADE Global ADE is a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening education in developing countries. We fund grassroots […]